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Old man looks like a child

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Old man looks like a child

Rare shot Photos by: Ajay Verma

Story By :  Umesh Saxena

INDIA (Madhya Pradesh) Basori Lal aged 50 years measures just 29 inches tall lives in Madhya Pradesh state of India. He is living with his younger brother’s family. He stopped growing after the age of five.Unable to afford to see specialists, He has never been thoroughly examined by doctors and as a result, this causes of  stunted growth which remains a mystery .But the 50-year-old refuses to let his small stature get him down.He has become a local celebrity in the Madhya Pradesh region, and is regularly visited by curious travellers .

His brother, Gopi Lal, 55, who is of regular height and lives with Basori, explained that the family feel blessed to have him in their family.He said: “People from different villages come to our house to see my brother. That’s a blessing for us.“We feel proud that people love and care for Basori.” toddler himself is quite happy with his unusually diminutive stature.He is treated like a hero in his village.

Basori said that this small stature doesnt impact on his life.He said,“Whatever I am is okay. I don’t face any problems because of my height.”But when he was younger, strangers taunted him for being short. He said: “I don’t have a problem with my height.”I work, live and sleep like other people. I also eat like normal people.

But the family’s financial situation meant that Basori was never given a thorough medical diagnosis. He goes to flour mill owned by family everyday. Basori celebrate every evening of his life with whisky, dance and music.He is full of life and he has no regret in life infact his way of living is source of inspiration for others also.